Data Loss Protection

data_loss.jpgInformation leaving an organization's network is often done with innocent intentions; consider a diligent employee taking work home with them by either emailing it to a personal email address or using an USB key. It doesn't have to have malicious intent, but the results can be disastrous for an organization, as it is ultimately responsible for the data.

Understand how information leaves your network, and establish policies to track or minimize its transfer. Data Loss Prevention Services from Conexsys include trustworthy, secure, and reliable solutions from leading DLP organizations RSA, Websense, and CheckPoint Software.


Key Benefits:
  • Protect your IT network gateway and minimize data from exiting your network.
  • Maintain responsibility for your client's files.
  • Improve employee productivity by implementing a DLP strategy that enables file access, without increasing liability issues.



We combine industry-leading products with our proven 5-step Project Methodology to assess your environment, and design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs, then back it up with comprehensive support services.


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