Application Security

app_security.jpgThe Internet has changed the way we conduct business and communicate with each other. Social media and Web 2.0 applications, while enhancing our online experience and our ability to communicate, also require more system resources and increase threats to our network's security.

Application Security Solutions from Conexsys provide policies and controls to identify, allow, block or limit Internet-based applications. Merge user demands for increased Internet-based communication with the compliance and security demands of your data management policies. Our solutions offer flexible ways for you to architect and deliver IT services to your business users.


Key benefits:
  • Create granular policy definitions to enhance identity awareness capabilities.
  • Control user and group application usage according to their needs.
  • Address and refine network security, productivity and resource utilization.
  • Arm your business users with a safe way to interact with applications and Web 2.0 widgets, including instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, and VoIP, while addressing your network's bandwidth activity.



We combine industry-leading products with our proven 5-step Project Methodology to assess your environment, and design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs, then back it up with comprehensive support services.


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